Now What? Suggestions 3-4 as NOLA Mission Team Returns Home


3. Live a Life of Prayerfulness

In New Orleans, almost every day we stopped our work to take 30-60 minutes to go on a prayer walk in the neighborhood praying for the people and places in the community and when God opened the door, we prayed with people we met along the way.  How cool it was to see people’s openness to prayer.  One day, the man we offered to pray for joined us in prayer, but asked to be the one to pray for us.  What a cool blessing it was to listen to this stranger (Joseph is his name) pray for us.  So when are we going to do a prayer walk in our local community somewhere?  We talked about it – are we going to make it happen and see what God does as a result?  May we not only pray at specific times of our day, but my prayer is that we learn to pray throughout our day.

4. Live Intensely Local

I was deeply blessed during my seminary years to be mentored by a church planting pastor named Marty Schoenleber, Jr.  One of Marty’s passions is living intensely local for the glory of God.  For a number of stories about what that has looked like in Pastor Marty’s life, check out his blog here.  Marty challenged me to always be thinking about how I can build friendships and relationships with those who are in my natural sphere of influence (neighbors, coworkers, mail carrier, garbage truck driver, grocery store employees, etc.).  While in New Orleans is was easier to have a ministry mindset and view everyone we encountered as someone to pray for and minister to.  Now that we are home, who are those people who God has placed in our lives that we can demonstrate the love of Christ to and talk to about the good news of the Gospel?  Our mail lady’s name is Sally and I just met another neighbor named Mary.  I told Mary we would love to have her over for a meal sometime to get to know her better.  Now we need to follow through.  Some of the youth on the trip talked about doing a block party or neighborhood get together to be intentional in getting to know people better and begin praying for them and their families.  What are you going to do and when?


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