Bible Reading Challenge

Congratulations to those who took the January challenge of reading the book of Matthew and completed the challenge! If you missed our January challenge, you have a fresh start to join us in growing together through God’s Word. Pray about committing to the February Bible Reading Challenge. As a reminder, one of the primary goals of these monthly Bible reading challenges is to wrestle together through God’s Word and by doing so to help sharpen each other as “iron sharpens iron” (Prov. 27:17). So, if you get behind in reading, don’t be discouraged and definitely do not give up. Rather, just jump back in where the rest of us are at so we can be discussing the same chapter together, asking questions and sharing insights.

To see February’s challenge, click here.

Game Night @ the Nords

Courtesy of yestertimeblog
Courtesy of yestertimeblog


Reminder – we are NOT doing Garage Games at the church tonight. Instead, Soul Garage youth are all invited to Pastor Tony’s house for food and games from 7pm-10pm.  For directions, contact Pastor Tony at 847.682.2405.